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Romance Addictions Used Books


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Armarillas, Susan- Wyoming Renegade
Baker, Madeline- Midnight Fire
Baker, Madeline- Spirit Song
Birmingham, Sonya- Scarlet Leaves
Bonander, Jane- Warrior Heart
Brockway, Connie- McClairen's Isle:The Reckless One
Brown, Sandra- Another Dawn
Brown, Sandra- Bittersweet Rain
Brown, Sandra- Hidden Fires
Brown, Virginia- Desert Dreams
Cameron, Stella- Fascination
Cates, Kimberly- Lily Fair
Coffman,Elaine-Heaven Knows
Coffman, Elaine- Someone Like You
Coffman,Elaine-Somewhere Along The Way
Dailey, Janet- Night Way
Dier, Debra- MacLaren's Bride
Drake, Shannon- Come the Morning
Drake, Shannon- Conquer the Night
Drake, Shannon- Seize The Dawn
Drake, Shannon- The King's Pleasure
Dubay, Sandra- Nightrider
Edwards, Cassie- Eden's Promise
Edwards, Cassie- Savage Honor
Edwards, Cassie-Silver Wing
Edwards, Cassie- Sun Hawk
Fabio- Comanche 
Fabio- Rogue
Garwood, Julie- Saving Grace
Graham, Heather- And One Wore Gray
Greenwood, Liegh- The Cowboys: Jake
Greenwood, Leigh- Scarlet sunset,Silver Nights
Hannah, Kristin-On Mystic Lake
Harrington, Alexis- Harper's Bride
Harrington, Alexis- Homeward Hearts
Hart, Catherine- Charmed
Hart, Catherine- Fallen Angel
Heath, Lorraine- A Rogue In Texas
Henley, Virginia- The Falcon and The Flower
Hess, Nora- Fancy
Hess, Nora- Snow Fire
Hess, Nora- Winter Love
Hill,Sandra- Frankly My Dear...
Hill, Sandra- Sweeter Savage Love
Howell, Hannah- Highland Honor
Howell, Hannah- Highland Vow
Howell,Hannah-A Stocking Full of Joy
Howell, Hannah- Wild Roses
Hunter, Madeline- By Arrangment

Hunter, Madeline- By Design
Hunter, Madeline- Lord of A Thousand Nights
Hunter, Madeline- The Protector
Hunter, Madeline- Stealing Heaven 
Johansen, Iris- Lion's Bride
Johnson, Susan- Brazen
Johnson, Susan- Sinful
Johnson, SusanSweet Love Survive
Johnson, Susan- Temporary Mistress
Johnston, Joan-The Bodyguard
Johnston, Joan- The Bridegroom
Joy, Dara-Mine To Take
Kincaid, Katherine- Ride The Wind
Kirkwood, Kathleen-Shades of The Past
Kitzmiller, Chelley- Fires of Heaven
Kleypas, Lisa- Because You're Mine
Krinard, Susan- Prince of Shadows
Kurland, Lynn- If I Had You
Kurland, Lynn- My Heart Stood Still
Kurland, Lynn- The More I See You
Kurland, Lynn- The Very Thought of You
Laurens, Stephanie-A Secret Love
Lawrence,Ann- Lord of the Keep
Lawrence, Ann- Lord of The Mist
Lindsey,Johanna-A Heart So Wild
Lindsey,Johanna-A Pirate's Love
Lindsey,Johanna-Defy Not The Heart
Lindsey,Johanna-Fires of Winter
Lindsey,Johanna-Gentle Rogue
Lindsey,Johanna-Hearts Aflame
Lindsey,Johanna-Keeper of The Heart
Lindsey,Johanna-Love Only Once
Lindsey,Johanna-Once A Princess
Lindsey,Johanna-Prisoner Of My Desire
Lindsey,Johanna-Say You Love Me
Lindsey, Johanna- Savage Thunder
Lindsey,Johanna-Silver Angel
Lindsey,Johanna-So Speaks The Heart
Lindsey,Johanna-Surrender My Love
Lindsey,Johanna-Tender Is The Storm
Lindsey,Johanna- Tender Rebel
Lindsey,Johanna-The Magic Of You
Lindsey,Johanna-The Present
Lindsey,Johanna-You Belong To Me
Lindsey,Johanna-Warrior's Woman
Link, Gail-All I Ask Of You
Lowell, Elizabeth- Desert Rain
Lowell, Elizabeth- Forget Me Not
Lowell. Elizabeth- Remember Summer
Lowell, Elizabeth- Tell Me No Lies
Lowell, Elizabeth- Where The Hert Is
Macomber, Debbie- Dakota Home
Macomber, Debbie- Morning Comes Softly
Macomber, Debbie- The Last Two Bachelors
Malek, Doreen Owens- The Lion and The Lark
Mason, Connie- Taken By You
Mason, Connie- The Outlaws: Rafe
Mason, Connie- The Lion's Bride
McNaught, Judith- Kingdom of Dreams
Miller, Linda Lael-Courting Susannah
Miller, Linda Lael- Two Brothers:the lawman and the gunslinger
Needham, Linda- The Maiden Bride
O'Donnell, Kate- Defy The Storm
Osborne, Maggie- Brides of Prairie Gold
Osborne, Maggie- Silver Lining
Osborne, Maggie- The Best Man
Palmer, Diana- Love With A Long, Tall Texan
Power, Jo Ann- You and No Other
Quick, Amanda- Ravished
Ray, Francis- The BArgain
Roberts, Nora- Heart of The Sea
Roberts, Nora- Inner Harbor
Roberts, Nora- Jewels of the Sea
Roberts, Nora- Montana sky
Roberts, Nora- Rising Tides
Roberts, Nora- Sea Swept
Roberts, Nora- Tears of The Moon
Rogers, Marylyle- Once Upon A Time
Rogers, Marylyle- The Eagle's Song
Rogers, Rosemary- All I Desire
Shannon, Colleen- The Hawk's Lady
Simmons, Deborah- Maiden Bride
Stover, Deb- A Moment In Time
Stover, Deb- Mulligan Stew
Sumner, Tracy-Carolina Rose
Sumner, Tracy- Tides of Passion
Taylor, Janelle- Destiny Mine
Taylor, Janelle- Kiss of the Night Wind
Welfonder, Sue-Ellen- Devil In A Kilt
Welfonder, Sue-Ellen- Knight in My Bed
Wimberly, Clara- Kentucky Thunder

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