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Connie Mason- Pirate
Stobie Piel- Rebel Wind
Love's Legacy- Anthology: Madeline Baker, Mary Balogh,
                                           Elaine Barbieri, Lori Copeland,
                                           Cassie Edwards, Graham,
                                           Catherine Hart, Virginia Henley,
                                           Penelope Neri, Diana Palmer,
                                           Janelle Taylor
Joan Johnston- Frontier Woman
Elaine Coffman- Somewhere Along The Way
Tracy Sumner- Carolina Rose
Amanda Scott- Border Fire
Connie Mason- The Laird of Stonehaven
Johanna Lindsey- The Heir (HC)
Marsha Canham- The Last Arrow
Iris Johansen- Star-Spangled Bride: loveswept #622
Lori Handeland- Dreams of An Eagle
Janeen O'Kerry- Maiden of The Woods
Jennifer Clay- Blake
Roberta Gellis- Bond of Blood
Ana Leigh- The Mackenzies: Cole
Heidi Betts- Almost A Lady
Joan Wolf - Silverbridge
Sharon Sala- Lucky
Catherine Hart Mischief
Cassie Edwards- Thunder Heart
Shirl Henke- Yankee Earl
Joyce Carlow- Timeswept
Marti Jones- Sinful
Hannah Howell- Highland Conqueror
Kimberly Raye- Something Wild
Kathryn Hockett- Escapade
Nora Roberts- Key of Valor
Nora Roberts- Key of Light
Nora Roberts- Key of Knowledge
Susan Krinard- Body and Soul
Nora Roberts- The Stanislaski Sisters: Natasha & Rachel
Nora Roberts- The Stanislaski Brothers: Mihkal & Alex
Nora Roberts- Blue Dhalia
Nora Roberts- Chesapeake Blue
Carla Neggars- The Cabin
Carla Neggars- Stonebrook Cottage
Karen Kay- Soaring Eagle's Embrace
Iris Johansen- Dark Rider
Janet Dailey - Night Way
Shelagh Kelly- A Complicated Woman
Josephine Cox- Bad Boy Jack
Tamara Leigh- Saxon Bride
Amanda Scott- Border Fire
Diana Palmer- Passion Flower : SSE #328